Simple Jobs you can do at home Part 2: Fit a tailgate Storage Module

So for part 2 of our series here, we are going to go through how to fit a tailgate storage module.

These modules are made in Australia by the awesome team down at Huracan Fabrication in Melbourne, they do super high quality work and are a great team.

What models are available?

So why do I want one?

Well with more and more stuff being taken offroad with people for work, as well as the absolute explosion of use of work utes as family cars (Ranger, Hilux, Amarok, etc) a lot of people carry a lot of gear around.

This will allow you to relocate a lot of gear into your tailgate, stuff that doesn’t need to be in the cabin, or in the toolbox, into the tailgate, this has a few advantages:

  • Frees up space in the cabin of the vehicle
  • Frees up space in your toolbox/toolbags
  • Allows you to secure items to stop them potentially flying around inside the cabin in the event of an accident
  • Ease of access to commonly used items, for example, a hanyman may store often grabbed powertools in the tailgate, arrive at location, drop tailgate, open module, the basic tools for everything are right there with no diffing around

People have many reasons for wanting some more room in their car to store stuff, and the tailgate is a great place. Look at most tailgates, they are big areas of dead space that is being used for absolutely nothing in the majority of 4WD’s.

So why not make it useful?

How hard is it to install?

Well, this isn’t a beginner job, but the average person should still be able to nut it out easily and get it done in a good afternooon, 2-3 beers should be all it takes!

So, without any further fluffing around, have a look at our video on installing one into Colin’s 60 Series Landcruiser, this was a great day, really easy to install, and unlocked a whole heap of extra space for his use in his vehicle.

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