Simple Jobs you can do at home Part 1: Fit a throttle controller

Ok, with a lot of the country going into lockdown, and a lot of organisations asking people to work from home, people are finding out that they can get a lot of work done at home, and suddenly have a lot more free time up their sleeves.

As such, we have decided to start a bit of a blog to show people some easy and quick things they can do at home while they have the downtime so we can all come out the other side of this with some awesome rigs!

In this post we will cover off on installing a HikeIt Throttle Controller into your vehicle, if you haven’t seen them yet, here is the current range we carry for the HikeIt Throttle Controller system:

What does it do?

Most modern 4WD’s use a “Fly by wire” throttle, also known as an electronic throttle. This is different to previous generations of 4×4’s that used a physical throttle cable going from the accelerator pedal up to the throttle body or injector pump, modern 4WD’s create an electrical signal at the pedal and then the ECU will calculate how to adjust all the things (Variable Geometry Turbo, Injector Pump, Valve Timings, etc) to get optimum performance out of your engine. Modern ECU’s have multiple profiles in them and can get the best out of your motor at any given time, and part of this is how they interpret the signal coming from the electronic throttle.

Where the HikeIt comes in is it allows you to “trick” the ECU into seeing a different throttle sensitivity, so in Economy-9, you could have your foot flat to the floor, and the ECU only sees you giving the throttle 50% of a go, helping you to crawl off road and save fuel on the highway, no sudden spinning of tyres and such.

At the other end of the spectrum, HikeIt-9, the highest performance mode, will allow you to give the throttle about 10% of a push, but get 0-100% out of 10% of the travel, perfect for overtaking and getting away from the lights!

Auto Mode

HIKEit’s Auto IQ Control Mode lets the driver set and forget while the X9 learns the driver’s behaviour and selects the mode from the best of 36 mode settings based on the current driving situation. Generally, fly-by-wire pedal accelerator systems have two sensors that measure both how hard and far the pedal; the X9 tweaks these for a more enjoyable, safer and fuel saving drive.

HikeIt Mode

HIKEit’s Performance mode (with 9 level settings) is not for the ‘Sunday driver’. HIKEit setting 1 is classified as intense while setting 7-9 is like ‘launch mode’. Touching the mode button while in any mode will activate ‘Over-Take mode’ that will instantly put the X9 into HIKEit Mode setting 9.

Cruise Mode

HIKEit’s Cruise mode (with 9 level settings) is a tuned down version of the popular sport/tow mode which will give you more of a boost than your cars original setting. It’s perfect for everyday driving that won’t blow out your fuel bill and knock your socks off.

Sports/Tow Mode

HIKEit’s Sport/Tow mode (with 9 level settings) is a fun way to get around without the adrenalin boost of HIKEIT mode. It’s perfect when towing anything and will adjust perfectly to the application at hand. After Auto IQ Mode, Sport/Tow mode is the most favoured.

Eco/4×4 Mode

Economy Mode (E) Economy mode has 9 settings that reduce the response from the pedal – it generally only results in a slight reduction in fuel economy, but with a dampened response it can be particularly handy in situations such as 4wding, towing, beach driving etc.

“Hikeit mode 9 tore up my lawn on the first go”

5 minute job on my 2018 PX MK2 Ranger, mounted it to the right of my steering wheel.
Feels like its woken the car up, heaps more poke than it had before.
I find Sports 2-4 best for around town, and Cruise 4-6 on the highway.
Hikeit mode 9 tore up my lawn on the first go just after I installed it, I don’t think I’ll ever have any need for that mode in future.
10/10 product
Jake Gilbert
Verified Owner

So…how easy is it to install?

Well, as Jake above has said, took him 5 minutes, we rate the device as a 1 Beer Install

Now we go a bit long winded on the install video, but we tried to explain everything in a bit more detail, go through the box, and explain why things are the way they are.

Anyways, to know how easy it is to do, have a check out below:

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