Review: HikeIt Throttle Controller

Ok, for starters, we are a HikeIt Dealer, and we have been waiting to do an install video for a while, we just haven’t had the time, so 2 weeks ago we bit the bullet and did a HikeIt install video. You can see it below:

Ok, so as a review, we would like to split this into a few categories, but I will caveat this by saying that my general setting day-to-day is Economy – 9 or the strongest economy setting which nerfs your accelerator to the maximum.

Fuel Economy

Definitely noticed an improvement here, but as I would say, I spend 99% of my time on the highest economy setting. I was getting around 450km per tank in the T60, and keeping in mind that I drive pretty economically anyway, I’ve managed to get this up to around the 520km mark per tank, not great, but not terrible. So it’s added me around the 70km per tank mark, but I am a terribly boring driver.


Since installing the HikeIt I decided to do a decent tip run, so here I go renting myself a 14×10 trailer, or 10×14 or however you want to say it, and loaded it up with a buttload of stuff (2 tonnes according to the weighbridge at the tip) and took it across town. Now the tip is only about 15km away, so I set it to SPORT-9 and off I headed, and I have to say, compared to towing things like that before, she was a hell of a lot better, but I would say, she was definitely thirstier, so towing a lot in sports mode, you will notice a difference.


I know, this is the bit that you wanted to know, and here you go. HikeIt-9 Mode, great for overtaking, great for performance, makes the accelerator touchy as hell and you launch it, considering I have a manual, I didn’t realise I could run out of legs so quickly in the ute! So it’s a lot more and a lot more often I’m thumping through the gears.

On that note, the LDV Traction control just cannot deal with this, she’ll chirp from a standstill no worries, and my poor front lawn now has a chunk taken out of it from the day I did the install. She’s definitely not a setting for starting off at the lights, and she does make it a lot easier to stall, as you rev, so you instinctively drop the clutch harder, but then it’s too hard, and you’re sitting there looking like a knob at the lights while you stick the clutch back in and restart the ute.

Auto Mode

For the everyday driver (Such as my wife in her Volkswagen Jetta), this is the option for most people, Automatic mode. It takes a couple of days to adjust itself to your driving style (so pay attention, as sometimes it gives some unintended results), but once it does learn, it works really really well.

Honestly, if someone else is gonna drive my car, Automatic is the way I go, as it’s not perfect, but it does the job, and it drives like a bit sportier of a normal setting.

Do I like it?

Absolutely, I think it makes the car much more adaptable. I want to tow? I have a tow setting. Plodding to work? Well I just plod along with Economy and save some fuel. Want to give her a bit of a thumping to overtake someone? Boom, I push the button, jump to HikeIt-9 and I’m throwing her past any other cars instantly. It’s great.

Would I buy one again? Absolutely, and it’s a great addition offroad, I can be in Eco-9 and it’s really soft, hit bumps and you don’t suddenly nearly shoot off the track and into a tree, or break traction and lose momentum up a hill. That’s why I got it and that’s why I like it. Plus saving fuel as I plod to work and back is, like the flag of Switzerland, a big plus.

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