RAM Mounts

RAM Mounts manufactures rugged and versatile mounting systems, protective cases and docking solutions for phones, tablets, cameras, laptops and other mobile devices that can be attached nearly anywhere.

Phone Mounts

International research into road user distractions has established the ‘eyes off the road’ time theory as a major contributor to crash risks resulting in trauma.
The ‘eyes off the road’ time is generally defined as two seconds plus, the average person’s reaction time to an event is 1.8 seconds and this is factored into crash probability and injury outcome severity. That means nearly four seconds can pass before the average ‘distracted’ driver can react.
With more devices and distractions available to us than ever, the latest campaign shows how quickly inattention can end in disaster.

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Tablet Mounts

Many people use Tablets for many reasons in their cars, from Off-Road Maps, to entertaining the kids, to a multifunction display running OBDII and Bluetooth to know exactly what their car is doing.

Don’t rely on some cheap and shitty mount to keep your stuff where it supposed to go, grab an awesome RAM mount to keep your eyes on the road and your tablet in a safe place!

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RAM Tough Box

Need to organise more space in your car? Check out the RAM Tough Box, an easy and simple way to locate all of your stuff to the centre console and keep your setup neat, tidy, and accessible!

The RAM Tough Box range is also compatible with all other RAM Products with the AMPS hole pattern, allowing almost infinite customisation and setup options!

The RAM Tough Box comes in many size options, and also has universal leg kits available to allow mounting into almost any vehicle around. Perfect for the older workhorses around that never had any form of console from the factory!

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