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The VW Amarok is a popular 4×4, powered by a 2.0L twin turbo diesel motor. Many Amarok drivers are looking for ways to improve the power, sound, and fuel economy of their utes, and we have the perfect package.

We replace the entire exhaust system, right from the turbo face, with a 3” system complete with a high efficiency diesel specific catalytic converter and straight-through muffler. We then flash the Engine Control Unit (ECU) with a performance tune, which significantly improves the driveability of the vehicle, as well as the power and torque.

With the exhaust and ECU tune combined, we are seeing the power outputs of the Amarok lift by anything from 20 – 40%. The real bonus, is all the extra power doesn’t come at the expense of fuel economy. Fuel consumption normally decreases, as the engine is operating at a higher efficiency.


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Volkswagen Amarok 2012 - 2018