V8 Diesel Badge for 4×4

$4.99 incl. GST

That's less than 1 Carton of Beer!

This badge will go perfect on your V8 Diesel 4×4

Designed for vehicles such as the Toyota Landcruiser 1VD models (VDJ7x and VDJ20x models) as well as vehicles that have had an aftermarket V8 Diesel fitted (Chev V8’s for example)

Note: This is a digital download file, you do not receive a physical object with this purchase, this is designed for you to print at home

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[woo3dviewer model_url=”//www.4wddiy.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/V8-Diesel-Badge.glb” material_url=”” canvas_width=”500″ canvas_height=”500″ display_mode=”3d_model” display_mode_mobile=”3d_model” rendered_file_url=”” model_color=”#ffffff” background_color=”#febf18″ model_transparency=”opaque” model_shininess=”metal” show_grid=”false” grid_color=”#898989″ show_ground=”false” ground_color=”#c1c1c1″ show_shadow=”false” show_mirror=”false” auto_rotation=”true” rotation_x=”180″ rotation_y=”-45″ rotation_z=”0″ offset_z=”” light_source1=”false” light_source2=”true” light_source3=”false” light_source4=”false” light_source5=”false” light_source6=”true” light_source7=”false” light_source8=”false” light_source9=”false” remember_camera_position=”true” camera_position_x=”-53.62230630606138″ camera_position_y=”24.152909348655854″ camera_position_z=”-58.36185612827883″ camera_lookat_x=”0.6589624624242708″ camera_lookat_y=”-0.2931070475260552″ camera_lookat_z=”0.6927169203984415″ controls_target_x=”1.1146710054241113″ controls_target_y=”-0.1941433669819031″ controls_target_z=”-0.8210514280579934″]


Additional information

Suggested Material


Suggested Layer Height



Not Required

Suggested Material for Attachment

Double Sided 3M Tape


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