Lightbar Face Cap

$2.50 incl. GST

That's less than 1 Carton of Beer!

This is a face cap, or cover, for your LED Lightbar.

Designed to suit lightbars with 85mm internal heights and a depth to fin of 37.5mm this product allows you to download the following 3 files:

  • End Cap No Male – This is an end cap with only a female joint
  • End Cap No Female – This is an end cap with only a male joint
  • Body Cap – This is your inner pieces that contain both male and female joints, print as many as you need to cover your LED Lightbar.

Each segment is 25.4mm wide once connected, so once assembled you have 50.8mm in the end and begin caps, so if your lightbar is 546.4mm then you go:

546.4mm – 50.8mm = 495.6mm
495.6mm ÷ 25.4 = 19.5 or 19 units

For a lightbar that is 1339.7mm then you would have:

1339.7mm – 50.8mm = 1,288.9mm
1,288.9 ÷ 25.4 = 50 units

However we always recommend printing off one less than your calculation and fitting these dry before gluing them together and finding out you’ve added one too many to the calculation.

This product is designed to be printed at home on your own 3D Printer, we recommend PETG or ABS plastics for external uses, but please refer to the manufacturer of your plastics before deciding.

This is a digital download product, as such we recommend creating an account on our site before purchase so you can download the files from your dashboard. Once files are downloaded we cannot give refunds on the product.



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