LDV T60 Guard Ornaments – 3D Printable

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That's less than 1 Carton of Beer!

Due to a large number of LDV T60’s now coming out of the factory without the guard ornamentation common on the earlier ones, we have made these 3D Printable Guard Ornaments in the vibe of the originals, however with a slight twist on them of our own taste.

Now you can print your own guard ornaments out at home and paint them up how you like!

This part is designed to be printed at home on your own 3D Printer, we will not send you a physical part.

For ease of re-download, please ensure you have created an account and are logged in when making this purchase. Please note there are two files to download, one for the left guard, and one for the right guard.

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Printing Tips

First off, you need to make sure you can print in a semi-fine resolution such as 0.1mm, as the internal base is 2.5mm from the bed, and the lettering is 2.5mm high, so this is a very low print (5mm on the Z)

You also need to make sure that if you have a large enough bed, that you ensure that the items are not touching on the bed, some slicers will not detect collisions and will instead join the objects and you’ll end up with a big hunk of plastic.

As this is not a structural part, you can really use any appropriate infill, but we generally never go under 25% on our stuff, and we generally always us 3D Honeycomb.

Once you have your object all sliced up, you are ready to print!

Now you have to remember that print times vary by printer, especially in your printing speed for details, for this one you may want to slow it right down for the lettering and to help avoid any stringing.

Also be aware that the density of your material and the cost from your provider must be taken into account, as well as any failed prints if you are new to the scene. So the following values should be taken as a guide.

Additional information


0.1mm or finer






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