LDV T60 Front Camera Mount – 3D Printable

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This LDV  T60 Front Camera mount is designed to take a 25mm³ camera like those provided as aftermarket accessories with new Audio Systems.

This part is designed to be printed at home on your own 3D Printer, we will not send you a physical part.

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Some tips on printing

So for the resolution of this print, something in the realm of 0.1mm or finer resolution is good, 0.05mm is great, but you won’t get much benefit over 0.1 and you’ll just end up with much longer print times.

In this example we are running at around 7.5 hours on the print at 0.1mm and if we went to 0.05mm we’d be looking easily at the far side of 15 hours.

Likewise if you’re going to heavily post process it, or use a process such as lost PLA casting to form this, you could likely get away with something akin to a 0.2 or 0.25mm height, remembering that the height is 25mm in this orientation, so your layers must be divisible into 25mm or you could get a funky layer somewhere.

The best orientation for this print is lying front or back down, due to some peoples build surfaces being a bit “How you going”, rear down is always better, however the model is a mirror of itself, so you can always spin it around how you want.

Once sliced you should get something that looks like this, we recommend using a brim around this if you do not have a heated bed, however if you do have a heated bed, you may be able to forego the brim.

Note that there are some fairly “Big” overhangs in the centre mounting slots, if this is an issue for you, please use a program such as Meshmixer to give support to these locations, we recommend some kind of tree supports rather than a grid or honeycomb support that could be hard to remove and may damage the print surface.

Actual times on your printer may vary, however these are the times we encountered on our printer running PrusaSlicer, being such a small model and wanting a half decent exterior finish, we wanted to run with a thicker perimeter and less infill.

However, for the infill, we went with a 25% 3D Honeycomb infill from PrusaSlicer, we have found this to be a strong and robust infill before, and we ran with it again.

Likewise, if you are going to be doing a bit of post processing on the model, such as sanding and painting, you might be willing to roll with a faster print on the exterior perimeters as the paint will hide the sins.

Based on our settings of 5mm walls and 25% Infill, we came to this conclusion on our slicer, however depending on your material, density, cost, and many other factors, this is just a guide.

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0.1mm or finer




Rear Face Down


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