LDV T60 Coin Tray Carling Switch Holder 3D Printable Version

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That's less than 1 Carton of Beer!

This Switch Panel is designed to fit the LDV T60 Series of utility vehicles.

This Switch Panel is designed to hold 8 x Carling Switches and is made to replace the factory Coin Holder located beside the Drivers Right Knee.

For the Non-DIY inclined people, we are looking to have ready-to-install physical models available for purchase around early 2020. Pricing is currently being worked out as well as a supplier for our manufacture.

We highly suggest that you create a user account when purchasing this file, as it will better enable us to track down your purchase if you have any issues!

Update: We have now added a version with supports, if the supports are still not compatible with your printer, we suggest using Cura or Meshmixer to make your open supports for your printer.

Please note: This is a digital download file, you will not receive a physical product from this, the file is for you to print on your home 3D Printer.

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This LDV T60 Switch Panel is the perfect way to fit some additional switches to your LDV T60, designed to replace the factory switch holder this is the perfect print-at-home model for your vehicle, embracing the DIY spirit.

Alternatively, if you do not have a 3D Printer at home, there are a number of online services which will print this file and post it to you.

An example of one such service is Officeworks who can 3D Print your models for a small fee, you can see more information on their service by going to https://www.officeworks.com.au/print/print-and-copy/3d/3d-printing

We do however recommend printing in ABS or PETG plastics, as due to temperatures in Australia being very high, the internal temperature of your vehicle can easily reach 60°C, which is uncomfortably close to the glass transition temperature of cheaper materials such as PLA, which has a glass transition temperature of 60°C, meaning that in summer, the panel could warp using this material)

Other plastics such as ABS have a transition temperature of 105°C or PETG at 75°C, personally, we have printed our test versions in PETG and have had no issues even on 40°C days in Australia, however our PLA versions warped on days as low as 25°C after the vehicle was left sitting in the sun.

This product is sold with a single use download, meaning that recurrent downloads of the product are unavailable, so please do not delete the file once you have downloaded it. The product file is a STL file, so please check the format of your slicing software, or what your printer can accept before download.

The dimensions of the object are 152.991mm wide, 140mm high, and 26.723mm deep, so please be sure that your printer can accommodate these sizes before purchase. No refunds will be given if your printer cannot accommodate these sizes. The model can be split in half down the centreline for ease of printing on smaller printers, or even split into 4 pieces, however no guarantee is made for the structural integrity of the part as we cannot confirm how you will join the part together post-printing. It is best printed in one singular piece for optimal structural integrity.

Also be aware that this model contains overhanging areas, it is best printed face down on your print bed for best results, be sure that your surface adhesion to the bed is ideal, otherwise you will get warping which can distort the fitment in your vehicle.

We also suggest a larger number than normal of internal and external perimeters, minimum being 5 x 0.4mm perimeters (2mm perimeter edge) though 10-12 perimeters will be best (4-4.8mm) to allow especially for the switches, a 25-50% infill overlap is also recommended to bond the perimeters to the infill for optimal strength. We have successfully used the 3D Honeycomb infill on our prototypes with a 5 layer top and bottom solid infill and 25% internal infill, however 50-75% will yield best strengths.

Best Z layer resolution is around the 0.05mm layer heights, however our rough drafts have worked fine up to 0.2mm layer heights. Any more and the curved surfaces of the mating face are generally very rough.

Please note: You may need to check the tolerances of your 3D Printer and calibrate them for this model, as the tolerances for fit are rather tight by design. If your printer is not correctly calibrated, then the part may be too large or too small to ensure a snug fit.

Please see this awesome link from Print the Porto on how to calibrate your 3D Printer to ensure accurate prints.

Additional information







Panel Thickness

3.00 mm

Suggested Layer Height


Switch Hole Dimensions

21.45 x 37.20 mm

Switch Hole Configuration

2 x Rows
4 x Switches Per Row
8 x Switches

Suggested Material


Suggested Print Orientation

Face Down



Commercial Use



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