Intense Basic Tough Box


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Here it is!

You asked for it, and we have it, here is the Intense Basic Tough Box! Build it how you will!

With this kit you get:

  • 9″ Tough Box
  • Dual Cup Holder
  • 5 Switch Panel
  • 3 Cigarette Lighters
  • Accessory Pocket

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The Intense Basic Tough Box is the perfect starting point for kitting out your 4×4!

With this kit you get:

  • 9″ Tough Box
  • Dual Cup Holder
  • 5 Switch Panel
  • 3 Cigarette Lighters
  • Accessory Pocket

Please note that this kit does not come with:

  • Mounting Legs
  • Switches

This kit is intended as a DIY fitment kit for the vehicle you wish to fit to, as such, some degree of fabrication may be required to fit the kit to your vehicle.

As no switches are included, you will have to source your own switches. We have been told a lot of people like to purchase custom printed switches and are not a fan of the RAM Blue, that’s fine! It’s your car! Just like the tough box, everyone is different!

The Box

Up to 30% lighter than other manufacturer’s consoles, the RAM design is just as functional and durable but without all that fuel robbing weight.

Constructed of high strength composite, steel, and aluminium, materials have been meticulously chosen to ensure long product life and performance.

Another key feature is the incorporation of moulded parts to create the tightest of seams and the elimination of sharp corners or edges. Keeping in mind the safety of the vehicle occupants and ease of use and installation, these consoles are crafted to meet and exceed expectations.

The RAM Tough-Box™ consoles are sure to set a new industry standard, no fleet should up-fit their vehicles with anything less than the best, RAM.


  • Drilling Requirements: None – Attaches to any RAM console 23″ top plate or 29″ top plate
    This unit does not come with a top plate, mounting will be up to the owner
  • Exterior Dimensions: Height = 7.56″ to 11.75″, Width = 9.0″, Length = 9.0″
  • Interior Dimensions: 7.0″, compatible with 3 to 4 radio/control heads/switches

The Cupholder

For police, fire, and rescue vehicles, aftermarket consoles are usually all business.

Nah, we’re 4WD owners! We want the good stuff just as much as Police, Fire and Rescue vehicles, and we have the same issue! Vehicles built for function, not comfort! Well, some cup holders won’t go astray!

The integrated card slot is ideal for a drivers license or gun license and there is also pen storage.

So, besides having a spot for two beverages, you also have a place for commonly used items.


  • 6 (QTY) Pens
  • 2 (QTY) Drink Cups, Cans
  • 1 (QTY) Driver’s License, Business Card, etc.
  • Material: High Strength Composite

The Cigarette Lighters

Crafted from diecast aluminium with a black coat finish, the (3 QTY) RAM 12 Volt Lighter Receptacle Faceplate is a must have accessory for any Tough-Box™ Console System.

The faceplate is compact and lightweight, taking up minimal space in your console, yet offering the utmost in versatility.

The rubber caps, along with the innovative tongue and groove feature keeps the inside of the console free of contaminates as well as provides a rock solid system once installed into the RAM Tough-Box™ Console.

Also, the faceplate makes use of the patented RAM Twist-Lock™ feature which can be loosened to quickly and easily service electronics or swap out old devices. This product will ensure you are never without the power you need to get the job done.


  • Material: Diecast aluminium
  • For use with any 12 volt appliance
  • Compatible with all RAM Tough-Box™ Console Boxes
  • (Space taken by Faceplate in Console Box) = 2″



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