75mm Power Cube Box – 3D Printable Version

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This 3D Printable Power Box is designed to go into your vehicle and give you an easy way to make your cabling tidy.

Designed to work with waterproof cable glands in the holes that are pre-formed into the box, this is an easy and neat way to hide all your relays out of sight and out of mind, with up to 6 output holes in the box as well as the ability to run a common ground wire for all your relays out the back to earth to battery or chassis.

There is also the ability in the lid, secured with 12x4mm screws to run a waterproof O-Ring around the lid, or alternatively, seal it with silicone or some other type of sealant. Depending on your plastic used, be sure than the sealant does not contain chemicals such as Acetone, otherwise you will weld the top and bottom half together and will be unable to get the lid off without breaking the box.

The box mounts to the body using 4x4mm screws along each face.

THIS IS A 3D Printer File, you need to print this on your at home 3D Printer, we will not send you a physical product. Please log-in/create an account before purchase, otherwise, if you do not download this file, you will be unable to do so after purchase.
There are 2 parts to this file, please ensure you download both parts.

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