46 Piece Tyre Puncture Repair Kit

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Have you ever been out bush and suffered the annoyance of a puncture? That’s fine if you have a spare, but what if you have already used your spare? This kit enables you to patch up a tyre out bush, and if you have an air compressor, get yourself out of trouble! A simple must have for any off road explorer!

Warranty: 1 Year

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  • 100% Brand New and high quality.
  • Ideal for outdoor,highway vacuum tyre for emergency repairs use.
  • Excellent tool to keep in your car with the spare wheel.
  • The handles on these tools are made from durable Alloy and have a great grip.
  • Quick and easy to repairing.

  • 1. Remove debris from tyres.
  • 2. Apply lubricant to the spiral shaft of the reamer tool
  • 3. Insert the reamer tool into the punture hole and push to clean out the hole.
  • 4. Thread the repair cord through the eye of the insertion tool until equal parts are on either side of the tool.
  • 5. Firmly push the insertion tool & cord into the tyre, a small amount of cord should be visible.
  • 6. Trim the excess protruding cord.
Base ColorBlack
Cord Length200mm Standard
T-handle Size140*100mm
Case Size310*200*55mm


Package Include

  • 1 x T-handle Insertion & Reamer Tool
  • 1 x Plastic Case
  • 1 Set Accessory


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