246x175x77mm IPX7 Black Storage Case


That's less than 1 Carton of Beer!

Warranty: 1 Year

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This new range of water resistant rugged carrying cases are highly reliable transportation and storage cases recommended for protection of precious equipment and instruments. Users can store their items inside safely as well as use them to transport stock from site to site with confidence. The polypropylene carry case employs an UV resistant toughened outer shell with a rubber seal around the lid to ensure dirt and moisture stay outside of the case. Inside the case, there are a number of elements used for impact absorption. The base features several layers of pre-perforated high density foam inserts which can be removed or customised to the size and shape of your equipment to ensure a tight and secure fit. The lid has a layer of “eggshell” shape foam to protect your equipment. Depending on model, various cases feature large comfortable carrying handle/s plus larger cases offer an extendible handle with locking function for a trolley feature with two ball-raced heavy-duty wheels for easy moving of heavy and bulky items. There are padlock holes for adding optional padlocks to your case for added security. A special feature across this range is that the case includes an adjustable pressure release valve to ensure internal pressure can be equalised with ambient external pressure so as to open the hermetically sealed case. This ensures either air sealed for long-term storage or adjust open for equalising air pressure during transport to reduce the risk of collapsing or expanding in aircraft hulls, etc.

“Size” shown is outer dimensions.

Keep your valuable equipment safe from water, dust and knocks! Easy-cutting customisable foams inside. You can cut out the shape that suits your equipment and protects it from any unexpected drops or bumps. Pressure relief valve allows for gradual pressure equalization.

Water resistant IPX7 sealed case
Made from tough polypropylene
Impact resistant & Crushproof
Dust proof & corrosion resistance
Temperature Rating -20º to 80º
Powerclaw™ latching system
Soft grip foldable handle
100% Stainless steel hardware
High performance seal gasket
Adjustable pressure release valve
Molded-in bezel system
Larger models support padlocks
Integrated lid stay
Now available in Black or Yellow