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  • Intense LED Upgrade Package – 7″ Round Headlights

    If you’re chasing an awesome LED Headlight Upgrade for your vehicle, then this Intense Night Armour 7″ LED Upgrade Kit should get the job done.

    With a set of Paragon LED Headlights for vehicles with 7″ Headlights as well as a pair of Synergy Spotlights is perfect for bringing your older car into the new millennium.

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  • Intense Basic Recovery Package

    This Basic Recovery Kit is perfect for the entry level 4WD Owner, it comes with a VRS Recovery Kit as well as a 12,000lb Carbon Winch as well as a pair of Griptrax with mounting kit.

    Perfect for the novice person going out off-road, preferably with another vehicle.

    Reward Points: 135

    From $1,352.79
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  • Intense Ultimate Recovery Package

    We’ve all been there, out in the bush, find a nice deep puddle, and BAM! You’re bogged down to the axles with no way out, unless you have some decent recovery gear.

    To that end, this kit comes with an unbeatable WARN 12,000lb Winch with Spydura Synthetic Rope, as well as a packed VRS Recovery Kit, 4 x Extra Bow Shackles (Everyone always needs more!), a set of Griptrax and a mounting kit for your car, and lastly a recovery hitch!

    From $4,545.70
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  • Intense 60 Series Package

    Here at 4WD DIY, we get it, the 60 Series is the unbeatable old workhorse of a 4WD that just won’t die.

    However, some parts of them were never made to stand the test of time, such as the seats, now that the 60 Series is passing 30 Years Old, most 60’s have seats that are a little worse for wear.

    Thankfully, in this kit you get a set of Huracan Seat Adaptors that allow you to fit some more modern, comfortable seats to the old workhorse

    You also get a Tailgate Storage Mod in your choice of Powdercoat or Marine Carpet to unlock the dead space in your Tailgate (At this stage there is no kit for Barn Door Models)

    From $468.82

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  • Intense 80 Series Landcruiser Huracan Pack

    Are you looking to make your 80 Series more comfortable? A better Tourer?

    Well do both with this Intense Huracan 80 Series Package!

    You get:

    • A set of Seat Adaptors
    • A Tailgate Storage Mod
    From $501.59

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  • Intense Off Road Livid Pack

    If you’re looking for the best of the best of the best, you’ve come to the right place!

    The Livid Series of Lighting Solutions is perfect for the extreme adventurer, featuring:

    • A Pair of Livid Mk. 2 Hyperdrive LED Spotlights (Spot Beam)
    • A 31″ Livid Navigator Lightbar (Combo Beam)
    • A Set of RackMate LED Rock Lights (From the Livid sister brand, Night Armour)

    Reward Points: 235

    $2,604.99 $2,344.49 incl. GST
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  • Intense Off Road Mega Night Armour Pack

    This awesome Night Armour Package is perfect for the adventurous offroader, it comes with everything you need to get out and feed the soul!


    • A Pair of Synergy Spotlights
    • A 30″ Double Row Straight Velocity Lightbar
    • A Set of Rockmate Rocklights
    • Anti-Theft Nuts for your Spotlights and Lightbar

    This kit is perfect for the Casual Adventurer setting up their rig.

    Reward Points: 100

    $1,059.48 $953.53 incl. GST

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