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  • Darche Eclipse 180 4 x 4 Awning

    The Eclipse 180° Awning is ideal for dual, single and space cabs as well as general canopy and wagon setups. Designed for quick and easy setup and pack down by one person, this awning provides 8.2m2 of cover over the … Read More

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  • Darche Eclipse 270 4 x 4 Awning

    Designed as a freestanding unit to ease set up and pack down only, the Eclipse 270° Awning is easily set up by one person. Hinged from both ends, the Eclipse 270° Awning spans along the full length of the vehicle … Read More

    $1,095.95 incl. GST
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  • Darche Intrepidor 2RTT Roof Top Tent

    The Intrepidor 2 is designed to inspire and get you out touring! Ideal for SUV and soft roaders, the Intrepidor 2 uniquely features a tropical fly with triangle side vents. Constructed with tough 260gsm cotton poly ripstop canvas, a 2.1m … Read More

    $1,399.95 incl. GST
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