Intense Off Road Packages


Do you want to light up the night like nothing else? Then these Intense Off Road Lighting Packages are exactly what you need. We’ve bundled together the best (and brightest! Pardon the pun) Lighting Systems that we offer into a bundle so that you can get the most out of your night!


Huracan Fabrication is a brilliant Australian Company based out of Melbourne.
They make awesome custom fabrication solutions for a wide range of vehicles, with more being added all the time. Currently they have a large range of Toyota products, but the Nissan range is growing fast, but here are some awesome bundles that we have thrown together that may interest you!

Recovery Packages

There’s nothing worse than getting bogged, so we’ll be putting together a number of packages in the coming months to help you get out of a pickle! We’ll hand pick the best of the best of the best to give you exactly what you need to get unstuck.

Tough Boxes

Accessories! Everyone has them, but how do you run them? What do you sacrifice for switches? What do you do for a cup holder? Do you have an old 4×4 that doesn’t have this stuff? Well, the team over at RAM have come up with the Tough Box system, originally designed for Military and Law Enforcement, you can custom build your solution, swap parts out down the track if need be, or buy one of these already designed kits!