Impact of Coronavirus on 4WD DIY Operations

G’Day everyone, we know that it’s been a big thing in the news the last few weeks, the Coronavirus, or COVID-19 as it is also known, is wreaking havoc lately.

This has led to a large disruption in normal shipping times, both foreign and domestic, and it has also led to a huge influx with orders through to us in this time.

One reason for this is that unlike some of our competition, we try and hold as much stock as possible in Australia rather than, essentially, pre-ordering it from overseas and selling the stock before it lands.

However, with the huge influx of orders it is impacting on our processing, handling, packaging and shipping times.

We would like to ask you to be patient at the moment, we are getting to your orders as fast as possible! We haven’t forgotten about you, we just weren’t expecting this big of a spike in orders! You guys are all awesome!

Thankyou for all your support to us, and keep yourselves and your families safe.

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