How you can enhance your car with Huracan Fabrication

Dead space in your vehicle.

That’s one of the biggest gripes we hear about people in the 4WD Community, the ability to store and carry stuff in their car, where do you put the straps? The camp stove? Where do I stick the things that I don’t access often, but still need to carry?

The awesome range of Huracan Fabrication Tailgate Storage Modules are made right here in Australia from quality components by the awesome team down in Melbourne.

With an awesome 24 month warranty Australia Wide, you can be rest assured that your Tailgate Storage Module will suffer no structural defects in that time and will be easy to install.

Check out our awesome video on installing one into a 60 Series Landcruiser:

All you need is an Angle Grinder, and some spanners, and she’s all up and running, ready for you to store all your gear! So don’t delay, these are an awesome addition to your 4×4 and will unlock a heap of that dead space in your tailgate, making it easier to organise and store all your gear on the road!

Also, if you are chasing a way to keep your beverages cold, we also stock a mint little 15l Portable Fridge/Freezer that will fit perfectly into your centre console area.

Likewise, we also carry a number of seat adaptor kits that will be perfect for those of you that want to get rid of your uncomfortable, or old worn seats in your vehicle and convert to some flash new Falcon (BA-BF) or Commodore (VE) seats for those long drives.

Worried about installation? Well again we have created an easy video to follow to help you install your seat adaptor kit to your rig!

All the Huracan Fabrication seat adaptor kits have been designed to comply with all State and Territory regulations, so once installed, quick trip down to get the mod-plate or engineering certificate and you’re sweet. All the hassle has been taken out of the process by the team at Huracan Fabrication so you can Enhance your Adventures, and enjoy the time away.

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