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COVID-19 is starting to stuff us around

Well, we did make a post earlier in the year saying that COVID-19 wasn’t such a big deal to us, it wasn’t really making a big splash on our immediate operations, however unfortunately, now we are starting to see flow ons.

Some of the issues we have been facing lately include:

  • Postage Delays – Australia Post, Toll, DHL, TNT, and all carriers are being swamped with parcels lately. This is because more people are sitting at home, free time on their hands, ordering more stuff online. Unfortunately, this is leading to delays once we get stuff shipped.
  • Floorspace/Personnel laws – with the government mandates on how many people are allowed to be in a floorspace, we are seeing flow ons from both postal and manufacturing facilities being affected by how much they can put out in time, this has led to some products being unavailable. We are trying as hard as possible to stay on top of this, however sometimes we will unfortunately have to contact you to say a product is no longer available. If we have to do this, understand we are willing to offer full refunds with no delay if this happens.
  • Packing and sending – On top of this, we have, like many others, been seeing an increase in online orders, this means that an increase in orders is leading to delays in packing, just because we have to get more packages packed. Where possible to save time, we have always been getting items sent manufacturer direct to customer, this saves delays in a longer supply line
  • Manufacturing – Some of our products are manufactured as necessary, and this has not been until recently an issue. Some of our suppliers are starting to run into issues getting things like screws, fasteners, and other little parts to make products, leading to longer manufacturing times and in some cases stock unavailibility

We would like to thank each and every customer for their patience during this time, we are trying to get the message out about every single order if there is a delay, one thing we would like to ask you is please check your spam folders. We have noticed an uptick in spam coming to us, and we have also seen that a lot of email providers have turned the dial up to 11 on spam prevention, I am personally getting a lot of legitimate correspondence now redirected to spam, and we have had interactions with customers who have found our emails in their spam folder. It seems that the increase in spam and scams going around at the moment means that email providers are being a tad overcautious about flagging things as spam.

We have also stopped sending out newsletters for the time being to help prevent our emails and domain being flagged as a false positive on spam.

Thankyou for your continued support.

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