Beer Ratings Explained

So we’re finally excited to launch our Beer Ratings for the majority of our technical products available online, this is a good indication of how many beers you’re expected to consume whilst fitting products, as we all know, there’s nothing better than cracking a cold one while fitting parts to your 4×4!

We’ve left the ratings off for a number of products, as we feel that most people would be able to figure them out themselves, as such they are only on some of the more technical products.

Though, if you want to know about a specific product, please feel free to send us a message via our contact page and we’ll get back to you with a difficulty rating matching the standard beer rating scale.

1 Beer

This is the kind of really simple thing you can fit at home, we envision that the average person can have the product fitted in around 30 minutes with basic tools that most people carry at home. These are not overly technical products to fit.

2 Beers

A little bit more difficult to install, generally within an hour or so, again with basic tools, but may require pulling a little bit more of the car apart to get things fitted and reinstalled around the item. You’ll find a number of these items involve a little bit of wiring, or some modification to factory parts to get them to fit.

3 Beers

This is where things are getting a little bit more involved, 2+ hours of install time, generally with a few more tools including power tools may be required to fit the product to your car. Examples of 3 Beer items are Seat Adaptor Kits which involve a fair bit more manhandling to get seats in and out of the car, or tailgate storage units which require some cutting into the car to remove steel to allow you to bolt in the new item.

4 Beers

At 4 beers you’re looking at the more advanced items to install, items such as winches that may require removal of a bullbar or bumper, and may require the help of a mate to lift things into place and hold things while you slide the bolts in.

5 Beers

This is the kind of install that you set aside a day or an entire weekend for, you get the mates around and lend a hand. This is full bullbar type deals where you’re doing a lot of cuting and grinding and stuff.


If you ever get confused as to what these all mean, you can always click on the beer rating icon itself, and it will bring you to this simple page that easily summarises what each rating means.

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