Beer Rating

You may have noticed that a lot of our products now have a “Beer Rating” on them.

This is a measure of how difficult the product is to install, the lower the beer rating, the easier it is to install, the higher the beer rating, the harder.

This system has been developed over a period of time by us here at 4WD DIY to ensure that you know exactly how many beverages you need to have in the fridge before you start a job.

The scale, as with all good scales goes from 1 to 5, with 1 beer being the easiest scale, and 5 being the most difficult.

The Beer Rating Explained

1 Beer

Easy to install within 30 minutes usually

2 Beers

Easy to install, usually within an hour

3 Beers

Moderately difficult to install, can take up to 2 hours

4 Beers

Difficult to install
May take 2 or more hours
May require more than one person

5 Beers

May take up to an entire day
Possibly even an entire weekend
May require more than one person

4WD DIY encourages responsible drinking.

4WD DIY does not encourage drinking to excess, binge drinking, or operation of motor vehicles and equipment whilst under the influence.

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