Adventures Jess


Adventures Jess

Jessica Tome

My name is Jessica Tome. I’m 18 years of age living on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Since I was a young girl I’ve always had a passion within the automotive industry. I enjoyed helping out my father when he worked on vehicles as a mechanic throughout the day and was always keen to learn. As I grew up this passion thrived and grew more and more, becoming more real to me that I was a car enthusiast!

Another life time passion of mine was to become a Professional Photographer as my career path. Since 2017 I first brought my photography to life, created my own business (Jessica Tome Photography) and started out photographing equine events, portrait and sports.

Since then I’ve expanded my business and combined both my Automotive passion and photography together as one. This was when I chose to call my automotive photography work ‘ MEGA MOTIVE’ and run it along side my main business Jessica Tome Photography. To this day I’ve provided private photoshoots and photographed some outstanding cars, from your Ferraris, to the big off Road 4WDs in full on action. I also host my own ‘Mega Motive’ Photoshoot Meets which happen each month, each year which brings out a great enjoyment to both me and my clients. So make sure to come along to one!