Accessories Draw Calculator

We love bolting stuff to our 4×4’s, and we know that you do too!

However, some 4×4’s only come with tiny Alternators, or Smart Alternators that reduce the output of the Alternator unless the computer decides the output needs to go up.

So before adding all of your accessories, do some quick math by punching in the wattages below, and we’ll spit out a number of how many Amps you need in the system to support those accessories.


This calculator does not include the power draw from your factory systems. Please contact your manufacturer to find out how much power your vehicle uses, and how much is available for accessories.

Please enter the voltage that your vehicle runs on, please note, most vehicles use 12V Systems


Please enter all the wattage totals for your accessories below.
Please ensure that you use the WATTAGE ratings, and not the AMPERAGE ratings, as this calculator CANNOT differentiate the difference, and will assume wattage

If you have any other accessories, please simply add their wattages together and enter them in here

Total Wattage: W

Total Amperage: A

If you have selected 12V at the top of this form, this form calculates using a nominal voltage of 12v
If you have selected a 24v System, the calculator uses a nominal voltage of 24v
For further calculation, please select below:

Total: A