3D Printable Products on the Way

So we get it, a lot of people love to DIY, and as such, we here at 4WD DIY are going to branch more into the DIY market and embrace the new technology of 3D Printing by giving you guys the ability to 3D Print your own car parts at home!

Yes that’s right, you can make your own car parts at home! How cool is that?

3D Printed Switch Panel for the LDV T60

3D Printing has a number of benefits for vehicle owners, it allows us here at 4WD DIY to design and allow YOU to manufacture the parts for your vehicle on a very quick timescale without having to worry about either us holding dozens of products in stock for dozens of applications, we can get a product to you faster!

Our very first 3D Printable product is already available to download online now:

Some of the cost benefits to 3D Printing are easy to gauge, as we can rapidly design and prototype a product, and once you have the file, you can print it out faster than the postal system could get one to you, not counting Processing and Handling times for the product! Because we all known how terrible Australia Post is!

The cost of the item is also extremely low, once you have the file and the printer, the LDV T60 Switch Panel pictured above can be printed for as little as $2.39

PrusaSlicer showing the printed cost of a part once it has been sliced

This means that after the initial investment of the printer and some filament, you can be making your own car parts at a fraction of the cost of buying them, and if you break one, you cna be up and running again in the time it takes to print a new one! How efficient is that?

Plus the environmental impact is lower, as most 3D Printed plastics available on the market today such as PLA, ABS, and PETG are either biodegradable or recyclable in the same way that plastic soft drink bottles are! How awesome is that? Get to make your own stuff at home and you’re not hurting the environment, if you want to get really into it, you can also recycle the printed parts at home with a recycler and extrude it into new filament for future projects.

But how will I know how to use the Printer?

There are dozens upon dozens of videos available on YouTube to help you build, setupo, and learn how to use your 3D printer, so it will allow you to quickly and efficiently get going

But I don’t have a 3D Printer

That’s ok, companies like Officeworks will now 3D Print stuff for you, or there are many 3D Printing shops popping up in most cities in Australia

How do I know what material to use?

If it’s inside your vehicle, we suggest ABS or PETG, which are very common 3D Printing materials, if outside the car, we suggest ABS for its weather resistance.


We are really happy to have the ability to sell 3D Printed files online now, all our files will have been printed a few times and tested on our own vehicles, we own a Bitprint that can print PETG and ABS, and most if not all files that will print in PETG will print in ABS, we do not recommend PLA as a material, due to it’s really low Glass Transition Temperature of 65 °C meaning that it can warp in sunlight, cos Australia is a bloody hot country and internal temperatures in a car can exceed 60 °C, hence why we suggest PETG (Glass transition at 75 °C) or ABS (Glass transition at 105°C ) for Automotive use. Yes, PLA is the cheapest filament you can get, and we do use it for rapid prototyping, but if you want a product to last, we suggest PETG or ABS for our customers.

If you are after a FREE file we made for a 3D Printer, you can check out:

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