The LLX 7000 is here!

The Xplorer Hybrid is a product of the latest technological evolution leap.

Our most powerful driving light yet, it was produced by combing the raw power of Laser technology with the usability of LED into each chip.

Xplorer Hybrid enhancements included Superlumenecent LED(SLED) producing 100% more light output and distance. We didn’t just want a light that throws a dot into the distance, it had to be the ultimate driving light, by using our lightSYNC technology to engineer what we call the “Drivers Beam” with 5 degree spot and 20 degree near peripheral beam to produce a seamless flow of light with no mismatched beam patterns or light colours.

With a 5000 Kelvin noon light colour and 90% CRI rating, you see objects in natural colour reducing reflection and eye fatigue. By using our TIR optic lens to control the light, you have it exactly where you need it, for superb driving dynamics. All this is housed in a robust compact body for easy fitment and our bespoke all black look makes for a ruggedly handsome high-performance driving light that has no equal.

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